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In times of questionable political decisions regarding the raise of V.A.T. and the obligation to use a cash register, we were finally confronted with the challenge to find the best solution for our guests attending Nova Rock Festival. After ample consideration of all our choices we will go the way lots of other European festivals have already gone: There will be no more cash in use at Nova Rock Festival. Payments will solely be made with a card. Further information here:

Preorder your Cashless cards in the weeks before the festival:


Please be informed that the minimum age for the Nova Rock festival is 8 years.
The Youth Protection Act (Jugendschutzgesetz) of Burgenland applies.
There are no discounts for children of 10 years and older.

Damage, injury and theft

The organizer/promoter cannot be held liable for any damage, injury or theft at the festival area (parking lot, camping and caravan area, core area, etc.)

Disabled people

  • Tickets for disabled people are available at the Oeticket Hotline - 
    0900-9496096 (€ 1,09/min)
  • A separate parking lot is provided and is located on the VIP parking lot.
  • There will be a disabled camping area with adapted toilets. Access to the disabled camping area can only be granted to people holding a special ticket for disabled persons plus one accompanying person.
  • A viewing platform for disabled people is located at both main stages (Blue and Red Stage). Access is only granted to people holding a special ticket for disabled persons plus one accompanying person.
  • Our security personnel and the paramedics will help you with any assistance you might need.

Emergency services

  • Fire department: (+43) 122
  • Police: (+43) 133
  • Ambulance: (+43) 144

Report any fire hazard to the local authorities. In case of fire, contact the fire department and the local authorities immediately, regardless of if the fire seems small or is already extinguished.

First aid points and paramedics are situated at both main stages as well as at the campsite and the caravan area.

First Aid

The Red Cross and about 100 paramedics and doctors from different states of Austria are working daily at the festival area. The first-aid points at the campsite as well as the ambulance will be available 24 hours a day. The Red Cross stations at the Blue and the Red Stage will be operating during the performance.
Here some advice that may help you to avoid emergency visits:

Proper clothing

  • sun protection – wear a cap to avoid sunstroke, use sunscreen to prevent sunburn
  • rain protection – weather conditions can be unpredictable
  • warm clothes – it could get cold at night
  • solid shoes – since the festival area is on grassland, the ground is not fully even. Therefore, please wear solid shoes to prevent ankle injuries.

Health & well-being

  • Don’t forget to drink enough non-alcoholic beverages – at least two to three liters (there are free drinking fountains at the festival site!)
  • Take a break - a festival can be exhausting, don’t overexert yourself and take a rest every now and then.
  • Ear protection - we advise you to use ear plugs when standing in front of the stage or close to speakers (you can get free ear plugs at several points at the festival site!)
  • Don’t forget to bring headache pills and a sufficient amount of your prescribed medication.
  • To treat minor injuries, bring a small first-aid kit including band-aids, a tweezer, etc.
  • Please note that the Red Cross does not provide any kind of contraceptives or the „morning-after pill“.

Medication prescribed by our doctors can be ordered directly at the festival site.
Our MED-Shuttle operates daily and will get the needed medication for you. A prescription charge and a service fee will be charged in advance.

Medication brought along can be stored in a refrigerator at the Red Cross station on the campsite.

The Red Cross will help you with any kind of incidents and is available around the clock. Please do not hesitate to ask them if you need help!

House Rules

Please download the house rules here:

Hungarian Border

Since the Nova Rock festival site is located close to the Hungarian border, we would like to point out that entering and trespassing is only allowed when carrying a valid passport or identity card. When entering Hungarian national territory, Hungarian Law will be applied in regards to any violation of law.

Information / Lost & Found

The information desk / Lost & Found point are located between the campsite and party zone on the right side of the gates. If you need any information about the festival or the bus and train schedule, you can get it there. The information desk is also accessible from the campsite.
In case of rain you can get a rain poncho there as well.

Lost objects not claimed during the festival can be collected at the town hall Nickelsdorf from Tuesday 14 June.
Phone: +43 (0) 21 46 / 22 01
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Opening hours

Parking lot, Caravan area, Silent & Clean Caravan area and Campsite:

    Early Camping:

    Box office:

    Ticket deposit (Musicticket, VIP, guests, press):

    Check-in tent: festival wristbands:

    Party tent:

    Core area Blue Stage

    Core area Red Stage:

    Genuss Arena:

    VOLUME Grill&Chill Area

    Singer Songwriter Stage

    Wiener Café (at the Volume Grill & Chill Area)

    Breakfast area

    VIP - Area

    Greißlerei (camping grocery store):

    Caravan beverage booth:

    Info / Lost & Found

    Regular showers

    Comfort showers & toilets


    • Camping outside the designated camping areas is strictly prohibited.
    • Children under 8 years of age are not permitted to enter the festival site!
    • Gas cartridges
    • Gas bottles
    • Flammable liquids
    • Open fire (you can barbecue at the Volume Grill & Chill Area powered by Hofer)
    • Any kind of cooking devices & grills
    • Glass
    • Bulky waste (sofa, couch, plywood, etc.)
    • Digging holes is strictly forbidden!
    • Beer crates, beer tables, benches or any kind of other bulky items
    • Bicycles and motorbikes
    • Weapons or weapon-like objects, any kind of fireworks
    • Pets
    • Selfiesticks are prohibited at the core area.
    • Any right wing extremist flags or banners

    Rules & Regulations

    • By entering the festival site, the visitor agrees to follow the house rules.
    • No liability is accepted for damage, injuries or theft at the campsite.
    • Parking is at your own risk. The regulations of the StVO (Road Traffic Act) apply at the parking site
    • Instructions of the security staff must be followed any time.
    • Camping and access to the camping area is only allowed if holding a valid Nova Rock ticket.
    • No access is granted for children under the age of 8!
    • Camping is included with both the festival pass and the day pass.
    • Camping is only allowed in designated camping areas.
    • Please do not block roads, escape routes and emergency exits.
    • BBQ: If you want to have a barbecue, you can use our available grills at the Volume Grill & Chill Area powered by Hofer. You can either bring your own food or buy barbecue food at the festival site. It is strictly prohibited to start a campfire or set off an open fire at the Grill & Chill Area. Thus, please do not bring your own grill. For further information about our Volume Grill & Chill Area powered by Hofer please see “Food and drink”.
    • Party tent: For environmental and security reasons we do not advise you to pitch a party tent (marquee). However, if you decide to bring one, please share it with other visitors and make sure that it covers at least 50% of your sleeping tent.
    • Tents: Please do not leave your tent at the campsite after the festival is over. It will help to reduce pollution and save you money.
    • Cleanliness: Keep the environment and camping area clean!
    • Wind turbines: For safety reasons, stay away from the wind turbines!

    Safety procedures

    Due to unpredictable weather conditions during an open-air event unexpected safety procedures (e.g. performance interruption, evacuation) might take place. Any important safety announcements will be communicated through loudspeaker and by the security personnel. Instructions given by the security personnel must be followed strictly!

    Shelter during a thunderstorm

    In case of thunderstorms and dangerous lightning we advise all festival visitors to proceed to their cars. Also, please help others and give them shelter in case of need.

    Trash deposit

    The festival area is located at a sensitive and unique natural area. In order to protect nature and keep the camping areas as clean as possible, each camper will receive a trash bag and a receipt for a deposit of 10€ upon arrival. The idea is to turn in your receipt with at least a half-full bag when you leave and get your deposit in exchange. Deposits can be claimed starting from Saturday 4:00 pm until Monday 12:00 noon. If you arrive with a tent or backpack, you will be charged a deposit, regardless of your type of ticket.

    Please help us to protect the environment and keep the camping area clean!

    Even the increase of the trash deposit in the last years was able to decrease the trash problem. That is why we (as well as other festivals like Electric Love, Wiesen or Frequency) decided to take new actions. The trash deposit of 10 Euros remains, but we now will keep 5 Euros as trash contribution. The remaining 5 euros will be payed back, if you return a half-full trashbag and your receipt.

    Green Camping:
    All green campers do not have to pay the 5 euros of trash contribution, if you show your green camping registration + your ID at the entrance. The remaining 5 euros will be payed back, when you return your (at least) half-full trashbag.

    Silent & Clean Caravan:
    All Silent & Clean Caravan campers do not have to pay the 10 euros, if they show their ticket at the entrance.

    Daily Tickets:
    if you check in the day before your daily ticket is valid for (for example: check in on friday with a daily ticket for saturday) you have to pay 10 Euros (trash deposit + contribution)

    If you check in on the day your ticket is valid (for example: check in on friday with a daily ticket for friday), you have to pay 10 Euros (trash deposit + contribution)

    If you check in on the day your ticket is valid for (for example: check in on friday with a daily ticket for friday), but you do not have any camping equipment with you, you do not have to pay the 10 Euros (trash deposit + contribution)

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