Area Map 2017


ATM – cash machine

There is NO ATM on-site. Cash is only needed for the following things:

  • Shuttle bus
  • Bus to the lakeside
  • Trash deposit

Catering information

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or complaints about the catering service, please visit the information desk. The catering company will do its best to address any concerns or problems you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact the information desk, as it is a helpful way for us to improve our services in the future.

Check-in and wrist bands

In exchange for your festival ticket you are given a wrist band at the festival entrance. The barcode of every ticket will be scanned to check validity. Please keep your ticket ready to avoid delays. The wrist band will be put on by our staff and is non-transferable.

Comfort showers & toilets

Since the demand for hygiene at the festival site increases every year, we will provide comfort showers & toilets in addition to the existing sanitary facilities.  Those will be kept clean as much as possible by trained cleaning staff. Give cleanliness a chance!

Drinking fountains

Several drinking fountains can be found at the sanitary facilities on the campsite and caravan area. Drinking fountains are also located near the party area at the Blue Stage and next to the toilets at the Red Stage area. In addition, there will be a supervised water distribution point where festival staff will hand out cups of fresh water.

Information / Lost & Found

The information desk / Lost & Found point are located between the campsite and party zone on the right side of the gates. If you need any information about the festival or the bus and train schedule, you can get it there. The information desk is also accessible from the campsite.
In case of rain you can get a rain poncho there as well.

Lost objects not claimed during the festival can be collected at the town hall Nickelsdorf from Tuesday 14 June.
Phone: +43 (0) 21 46 / 22 01
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.


Lockers with power supply and a charging socket are located at the Volume Win & Chill Area powered by Raiffeisen Club.

÷AMTC car breakdown service

If your caravan has a break down or if you need any help with your caravan you can visit the ÷AMTC service point at the caravan area.

If you experience any problems with your car, please consult the ÷AMTC service point or ask a parking lot attendant. They will help you immediately. Do not forget to turn on your emergency flasher at night so it is easier to find your car.

Press area

There are two entrances to the press area – one located at the Blue Stage, the other one located at the Red Stage. Access will only be granted with accreditation and a valid press wrist band. Taking photographs or filming with professional equipment is only allowed if you are in possession of a permit and a valid photo/TV pass.

Sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities are located at the campsite, the caravan area and the core festival area.

You will find a sufficient amount of flush toilets at the campsite, the caravan area, the core festival area as well as at the Red Stage & Blue Stage and the party area. Additionally, there will also be portable toilets at several points at the festival area. The sanitary facilities at the campsite are equipped with enough showers. Taking a shower is free of charge. For opening hours take a look at “general – opening hours”.


The Blue and Red Stage are approximately 200 meters apart. The Red Bull Brandwagen Stage is on the left side of the entrance gates. The Singer Songwriter Stage is located on the campsite at the Volume Grill & Chill Area powered by Hofer.


see „VIP“.

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua collects your returnable cups and takes your 1€ deposit, which will then be donated to a charity project for drinking water and sanitary facilities in Malawi. For further information about this awesome project have a look at


There will be a wave breaker at both main stages. Access will be granted on a “first come – first served” rule. In order to prevent overcrowding, the entrance will be closed and access will no longer be permitted after the area has reached a capacity of 70% to 80%.

Wind turbines

For safety reasons, stay away from the wind turbines. Instructions of the security personnel must be followed strictly!

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