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Do, 9.Juni Red Stage 18:05 - 19:05


Don ́t they ever give up? They haven ́t released an album since 2007, they ́ve already broken up once, they hardly ever do gigs and they are all in their fifties – if ever there had been a good time to call it a day then it would have been now.

But no, instead Clawfinger are back with a brand new track called ”Environmental Patients” and new European tour dates. Zak about the song: “We have always tried to say things that mean something and it ́s sort of in our DNA to express our opinions in a very clear way. Unfortunately many of our topics are still as relevant now as when they were written. This new track was a no-brainer for us and will be released early 2022!”.

After two years of shows being postponed and cancelled the new tour dates are announced. Zak: “In a lot of ways CLAWFINGER have aged extremely well, apart from a few grey hairs and bad knees. So, if you want to see a bunch of men in their prime still having fun jumping around on stage then be sure to buy your tickets, we can ́t wait to see you all!”