Dog Eat Dog – Nova Rock Festival

Lineup 2022

Tag Bühne Uhrzeit
Fr, 10.Juni

Dog Eat Dog

The crossover band from New Jersey, founded in the early 90s, convinced from the beginning with their combination of elements of hardcore punk, heavy metal and hip-hop.After releasing their first studio album „All Boro Kings“ in 1994, Dog Eat Dog toured Europe together with Biohazard. With „No Fronts“ the band also landed their first single hit. The following album „Play Games“ in 1996 featured such illustrious guests as Ronnie James Dio and RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. In 1999 the band celebrated their third successive success in the international charts with „Amped“. After „Walk With Me“ (2006) Dog Eat Dog started touring the world continuously.Now, after more than 10 years, the pioneers of crossover are back with new, highly anticipated material. The 4 tracks on „BRAND NEW BREED“ show the catchy qualities of the band again and convince with modern beats and sounds without forgetting the old trademarks. The songs were only available as EPs at concerts of the band in 2017/18 and are now available for the first time with additional material. As a bonus there are the hits „Rocky“ and „Isms“ as well as two EP tracks in live and unplugged versions.With a lot of positive energy the songs convince with groove, melody and catchy hooks. You can feel the freshness, which the band knows how to transmit live to the fans, no matter if hardcore, rock, reggae… Whatever Dog Eat Dog touches, it becomes a groovemonster!

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