Nova Rock 2023

Day Stage Time
Fr, 9. Juni Red Bull Stage


For a lot of bands, chaos & insanity are used as colourfully descriptive words for their character; for Japan’s Paledusk, they’re somewhat of an understatement. From their sound, to their music videos, to their onstage performances, electronic-metalcore powerhouse Paledusk leave absolutely nothing behind as they carve a path that is truly one of a kind. Since the release of their EP Happy Talk, and their signing to Greyscale Records, word has spread like wildfire about these young kids from the Japanese island of Kyushu. The band has gone on to release multiple singles with some of Japan’s most hyped artists, and now they set their sights on the international stages. First Australia, with the rest of the world coming in quick succession, Paledusk will continue to turn heads as they set the alternative music scene ablaze.

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