Soulfly – Nova Rock Festival


2020 will bring the 2004 Soulfly release, Prophecy, back to life!!  The acclaimed band will be performing Return To Prophecy, the latest edition of the Max-era inspired “Return To…..’ concerts.  With so many epic records under his dread, Max Cavalera has no problem treating the new generation of his Tribe to music they were too young to see and the long time fans have not moshed to in many years!  Fans say the new line up of Zyon Cavalera on drums, Mike Leon on bass and Max’s ever present, guitarist extraordinaire, Marc Rizzo, is the strongest Soulfly line up to date!  The sheer power of this four-some will bring the Prophecy to life!!??Gnashing out songs like Prophecy, Living Sacrifice, Mars, and I Believe the show will be further pushed to the limit with special appearances from the mystical Hornsman Coyote and the famed gospel singer, Asha Rabouin!  The track Moses soars the show to a new untouchable level in space, as the solemn track Wings closes the show and pounds your emotions into heartbeats.  ??Some lucky Tribe will be able to find the secret, small club gig the night before the Return To Prophecy meltdown.   If you manage to get a ticket, prepare to give your soul a feast with a rare set featuring Tree of Pain and Inner Spirit!  Be sure to stay on top of the summer so you don’t miss this secret gig!??With Return to Prophecy, Max brings his longtime vision of blending Metal and World music to his Tribe!  Let the fire of Soulfly burn bright!

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