While She Sleeps – Nova Rock Festival

While She Sleeps

Sheffield, England garnered a worldwide reputation for steel production during the boom time of the industrial revolution, earning itself the nickname “Steel City”. One only has to hear the opening moments of While She Sleeps “The North Stands For Nothing” to know that the character of Sheffield, the band’s hometown, has permeated them to the core.


Their songs are sung with an impassioned spirit that shines through the hardened and gritty aura that is prevalent in the band’s sound. Their straightforward approach to metal is balanced between riffs infused with hook and rhythms backed with groove. The vocal performance is singed with fire and angst making for a more meaningful and impassioned brand of aggressive music. The lyrical content and the fervor by which it is sung stirs up emotions like a musical call to arms. The band’s ability to layer and blend these elements with sparse and timely musical interludes makes for whole album that is cohesive and written with purpose. It is a feat rarely achieved compared to today’s musical norm of cobbling together a bunch of individual tracks that end up comprising an album.

While She Sleeps formed with a blue collar and hard nosed work ethic that resulted in them playing close to 300 shows across the UK and mainland Europe. Their hard work steadily began to payoff as their album “The North Stands For Nothing” started to receive critical acclaim from European music publications like Kerrang and Metal Hammer. Their songs and videos also started getting highly sought after spins and views on major European media outlets like XFM Total Rock, Scuzz, and Kerrang TV in the U.K.

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