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At the Nova Rock we take care of variety and quality. Every year we get different kinds of cooks and food artists for you on the field. Eat around the clock & the world!

10 things you have to know at culinary Nova Rock:

  • 10 foodcourts on the festival-/camping area. More than 100 cooks are waiting for you!
  • 6 years „Genuss Arena“! Our so called pleasure terrace offers you shade and options to sit. The perfect place to relax and enjoy the Burgenland-style cuisine. You can also find starcook Max Stiegl at the „Genuss Arena“!
  • The Nova Rock Greisslerei – your daily festival needs right in front of you. Like every year we’ve extended the assortment.
  • For a good start in the day we have 6 breakfast places on the camping court.
  • Hofer Grill Area powered by Volume – have your own barbecue with your friends in a chilled area. „eat better, rock louder!“
  • Inzersdorfer Warm Up Station – get your favourite canned food boiling hot at the station!
  • Craft Beer Station
  • Special bars for drinks
  • Nova Rock limited edition festival cups – from 13:30 to 16:00 daily, you are able to order the special Nova Rock cup. Only while stocks last!


The early Nova Rocker - catches the cup! We have the perfect souvenir for you - daily from 13:30 to 16:00 while stocks last. There is the Nova Rock Festival mug in the festival area waiting for you to be picked up.

Coming in earlier pays off this year! Just look in the beer bar of your choice for the special cup. During this time, you have the chance to get a 0.5l drink with our limited edition design in the festival area. This is a regular deposit cup with festival print. The cup deposit is not more expensive than the normal cup deposit and anyone who wants to take the souvenir cup home, feel free to do so.

Our favourite Nova Rock tradition is most definitely the legendary morning pint at the Red Stage on the last day of the festival – with our headliner of hearts Wendis Böhmische Blasmusik. Every year thousands of festival guests join together at 11 am to take part in this highlight.

Ottakringer Brewery invites you to witness the tapping of a fresh barrel and treats you to free beer right in front of the Red Stage. This year, morning pint will start on Sunday at 11 am. So come quick and party on!

Discovering a new world every day and rocking through the day well sustained. We offer a variety of stalls from every corner of the world. Of course our festival classics should not be missed! Food Trucks also enjoy the utmost popularity at Nova Rock and serve varied and delicious food creations. Immediately after the Genuss Arena Burgenland there is the Food Truck Area with our rolling food artists. In the Food Truck Area you can expect quality burger variations, homemade fries, pizza fresh out of the brick oven, pastrami sandwiches, steak sandwiches, ...For years, one of the highlights has been the popular Genuss Arena with delicacies from Burgenland. New this year is award-winning chef Max Stiegl. More at Genuss Arena Burgenland.

Food-Courts Overview

Blue Stage:

  • Genuss Arena & Food Truck Area
  • Food Street Blue
  • Highway to Hell – Blue Court

Red Stage:

  • Genuss Terrasse
  • Highway to Hell – Red Court


  • Day & Night Food Court


  • Food District Number #1 (even bigger this year)
  • Camping Food Street
  • Caravan Court


  • Lunch & Dinner @ Terrace
  • RAUCH Juice Bar @ Maintent

Detail from the general food assortment
Tarte Flambee, Asia Noodles, fresh BBQ, Hot Dogs, Langos, Mini-Cordon-Bleu, Fish & Chips, Pasta, Cheese Noodles, Pig Roast, Crepes, Spring Rolls, Burritos, Asian Rice Meals, Indian Specialties, Chicken Nuggets, Käsekrainer and other sausages, Gulasch, Tortellini, Rollbraten, Döner, Rolls with Wiener Schnitzel, Falafel, Pancakes, Pulled Pork Burger, Onion Rings, Thick Noodles made of Potatoes, Shakes, Omelet, Fresh Fruits, Spareribs, Donuts, Brezel, Strudelvariations, Ice Cream, Chili Cheese Fries, Minced Peckers, Shrimp Noodles, Mexican Burger, Mozzarella Sticks, Muffins, Paninis, Pizza & Calzone, Samosa, Wan-Tan, Sushi, Sweet Potato Fries, Thai Curry, Wraps, Roastbeef with onions


Our delicious variety of food trucks and food courts can you find HERE

We celebrate the 6th year of the Genuss Arena with an extension to our second stage of the Red Stage. Thus, starting this year, there will be a Genuss arena (Blue Stage side) and a Genuss terrace (Red Stage side). Therefore double the pleasure for you!

Back then already an absolute milestone for the food development at the Nova Rock, the connoisseur island is now an absolute benchmark, which we do not want to miss anymore! Our Genuss terrace in the center of the core area at the Blue Stage with sun sails and seating! With the second Genuss island it is possible for the first time to eat relaxed and comfortable on both stages.

Like last year, we could win Star chef Max Stiegl for you again who will serve you as usual in the Genuss Arena (Blue Stage side). With his affinity for Pannonian delights, he swings the wooden spoon for you. Burgenland bonnet cuisine meets Asian timelessness! With its "PHO GA" soup, "Pita & plucked organic chicken" and for the gourmet in you try the "Melanzani from the ashes" lovingly prepared by the top chef.

Schmankerl: Tasty and high-quality meals with ingredients from the region are important to us. Together with our farmers and producers, we have spared no effort for you again and process different regional products to delicious dishes. What you can look forward to: Pig Roast, Alpenkebap, Kässpätzle, Strudel Variations, Leberkäs-Semmerl and much more.

Here you can sit and enjoy your meal in peace and quiet. For your thirst we recommend a Red Bull Organics Simply Cola or Red Bull Organics Ginger Ale.

The food courts are kept clean by our diligent cleaning staff.

Open daily until midnight.

For the wine lovers among you we have prepared a very special bar. At our wine bar in the Genuss Arena you get a variety of selected noble wines from Burgenland as well as a wonderful Uhudler. A very unique special is the "Kräuter STERNDERL" - social drink! This organic herbal lemonade is an excellent refreshment as well as a delicious wine blend. The proceeds of each sold "herbal STERNDERL" box will benefit the children's hospice Sterntalerhof!

Attention new position - we are even more central at the campsite for you this year! The Nova Rock Greisslerei is located directly near the main access road between the campsite and the core area, opposite the Hofer Grill and Chill Area.

Click here for the area map link to the site plan.

Lugging was yesterday! Smart shopping is now available! Without many steps you can comfortably cover your festival needs in our Nova Rock Greisslerei. If you just want to get one of our most popular items quickly - like a large tray of iced Ottarocker or a practical Tray of six bottles mineral water – you can do that as always at the well-known beverage shop. However, this year we are ensuring even more comfort with our festival mini market: We are expanding the assortment of 30 articles to a total of more than 100. This year you can stroll through the aisles in our walk-in shop on 100m2 with the Nova Rock shopping bag and shop to your heart's content. Make sure you get all the festival-relevant items that you forgot on the packing list or have deliberately left at home, because you can get it fresh and chilled here! You can pay conveniently with your credit from the cashless card at our shop cashier.

Greisslerei assortment: After we & the Ottakringer Brewery think pragmatically - you can get the usual large Ottarocker-Tray again.

  • Drinks: juices, sodas, canned long drinks, party shots
  • Ice cubes (stock has been increased)
  • For the small appetite in between and snack cravings: Bifi, Bifi Hot Roll, Crunchips div varieties, sweets, chewing gum, chocolate bars, slices and biscuits, sandwiches, fruit / vegetables, sauces, ...
  • For breakfast needs: chilled milk, fruit yoghurt, cut sausage from our partner BERGER & WIESBAUER, pre-packed cheese portions, Nutella, jam, muesli in the handy "to go" box, hummus, falafel and snack salad from MAZA, spreads, pastries, iced coffee, smoothies ...
  • Shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrush or sunscreen? No problem - we have put together a practical assortment here as well. Deodorant, disposable razor, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, disinfectant spray, wet wipes, feminine hygiene items and condoms are also included in our assortment.


WE – SAT: 09:00 to 20:00

SUN: 09:00 to 16:00

More informations HERE!

The Burgenland born chef Max Stiegl leaves his familiar kitchen environment and will join us this year in the GENUSS ARENA. His restaurant 'Gut Purbach' was awarded four Falstaff forks at the beginning of 2019 and is now one of the top 10 restaurants in Austria! Those who are fed up with fast food and looking for a gourmet alternative let Max serve you with his pita and plucked organic chicken made from high-quality regional ingredients and his vegetarian variation "Melanzani aus der Asche". We have spared no effort for you to bring top Austrian gastronomy to the Nova Rock Festival - incredible!

Also this year HOFER is again represented with the Grill Area powered by VOLUME at the Nova Rock Festival. Culinary you can provide yourself locally in the now well-known HOFER-Event store. From grilled meats to salads and side dishes to fruit, you'll find everything there to make your festival heart beat faster - even a vegan alternative is taken care of. After your purchase, you can prepare your grill specialty yourself at one of the many grill stations and enjoy it together with your friends in the cozy HOFER barbecue area. To complete the grilling perfectly, bread, sauces and herbs are provided free of charge. The cozy hammocks invite you to linger while listening to the concerts on the Singer & Songwriter Stage in the area.

In this sense: meal and let's rock!


And by the way: If you buy your festival pass at HOFER, you will receive a free barbecue specialty daily and a non-alcoholic drink in the HOFER barbecue area powered by VOLUME on top. So you are optimally strengthened for long festival days!

You can also find more information about the HOFER area at


Never again cold ravioli at the campsite – thanks INZERSDORFER.

Again his year you can easily warm up your canned food at the INZERSDORFER Warm-Up Standl. There are also free samples! Whether beef goulash or chicken curry - everything eats well!

The legendary Jägermeister Hirschrevier opens its doors already on Wednesday, 12.06.2019, at 16 o'clock! Ice cold shots and hot sounds from the rock garage await you. In addition, you can send a postcard from the 'Frost-Office' to those who stayed at home or have your outfit beautified with a patch - in short, lots of action and unforgettable moments are guaranteed. Our live bands in the Jägermeister rock garage and our DJs provide you with the right sound for a unique festival feeling. You will soon find the line-up and more information on Facebook  or on

Last year, our VIPs were spoiled with coconuts and absolutely delicious rum nuts - if that does not trigger a holiday feeling! The VIPs were delighted! But we do think it's a shame that not all are able to enjoy it, so there are the drinkable nuts from MY LITTLE COCONUT this year in the festival area near the food court near the Genuss Arena Burgenland! We say cheers!

As every year the iced Ottarocker beer can be purchased again at the campsite for the sensational price of 1,50€. This leaves you the great opportunity to finally pack tent and sleeping bag as well as enough clothes for every weather - we take care-of the beer! Ottarocker is available in the Nova Rock Greisslerei and in the Ottarocker Shops at the campsite. After we & the Ottakringer brewery are pragmatic thinkers, you can pick up again  the usual 24er Ottarocker Tray. What arose from a beer mood - is now the absolute benchmark on Nova Rock. Our black Ottarocker can, which at that time was bottled only for us, is officially available again this year - which makes us of course proud! So there is Nova Rock Feeling before and after the festival bottled in 0,5l cans for you - at your beverage dealer of choice! My beer is already there! Your Ottarocker - iced - just without pallets hauling directly in the Nova Rock Greisslerei central pick up at the campsite. Shop with the old game smart & pick up conveniently on site! Lugging was yesterday!

Like last year, vegetarian and vegan culinary delights are available in abundance again! All our foodstands are encouraged to have a vegetarian alternative in their assortment. You will experience Oriental pleasure at Maza, with its snack falafel and hummus variations. At our friend of Route158 there is a special highlight namely the Crunchy Amigos (vegetables with cheese in Tortillapanade). Salad pockets and vegetarian Dürüm await you at our Candöner. Vegetarian burgers on offer include: Route158, Rik de Nekker, I Eat Vienna, Daily Deli. There you will get falafel, hummus and salad bowls. Asian specialties are also available at the following stalls: Asian Drive, Indiya, Timi's Takeaway. It is best to look out for rice dishes and rice noodles. Another variety of vegetarian specialties awaits you: Veg. pizza and pasta, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, cheese spätzle, donuts, crepes, wraps, baked potato, potato noodles, pretzel, langos, etc ...

As the theme 'gluten-free' gets bigger and bigger, here is a small sample list of the gluten-free delicacies on NOVA ROCK and where to find them. Our delicious variety of vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free offers can be found HERE

Every can counts! From now on, collecting cans makes even more sense and quenches your thirst! This year, for the first time our can exchange campaign is launched. Collect 15 cans, take them to our 3 collection stations and get 1 beer or a Red Bull as a thank you.We have set up 3 collection stations for you. The main station is near the Nova Rock Greisslerei, another one is at the Caravan Camping sanitary station and the third one is opposite the Green Camping entrance. Have a look at the area map. Deliver your cans in one of the 3 places and collect your thank you at the main station.The can collecting stations are open daily 10-20 o'clock. (Wednesday-Sunday)The cans are disposed of professionally by our recycling partner. Rock Clean - for the environment! Every tin counts! Together we are bigger! Our partners Red Bull and Ottakringer are of the same opinion as we are and attach great importance to sustainability!


Red Bull:

So collect cans, protect the environment and in return enjoy cold beer and / or Red Bull!

In order to support our dear mother nature not only with our can collection campaign, the refill station is starting this year! With the kind support of fritz-kola, you can now tap your favorite lemonade yourself in the NOVA ROCK Greisslerei and take it to the campsite! Also available in the NOVA ROCK Greisslerei: The Camping Refill-Bottle! You do not want to burden the environment with more PET, then the Camping Refill-Bottle is the perfect thing for you! For the first time we declare war to PET bottles and offer you the opportunity to provide you with carbon dioxide at the Refill Station with Fritz Kola / Fritz Orange Limbo / Fritz lemon soda / table water. With the new aluminum bottle in our stylish Nova Rock design you can show your love for Mother Nature. Meanwhile it is also practical - with the carabiner bottle cap, the bottle can easily be attached to your belt, waistband or backpack. Refreshment at the campsite always there, both hands free! Attention, this special offer is only available in the Nova Rock Greisslerei and only while stocks last. If the action gets good feedback from you this year, we hope we can build the project up even further next year. The aluminum bottle is unfortunately not yet allowed to be taken to the core area – Thank you for your consideration.

In the ice shelves a small revolution can be found. Its name is Nuii Ice Cream Adventure!

At the Nova Rock campsite in 2 locations you can go on an adventure of a special kind. Be it the unique Australia, the breathtaking north, the dreamy summer in Scandinavia or the tropical, volcanic island of Java. Extraordinary ingredients, special ice cream - this is the simple formula that turns Nuii into a (taste) experience.


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