grrrls Camping

The feel-good factor and safety at Nova Rock are two very important concerns for us. That’s why we want to offer all our visitors a peaceful, carefree and stress-free festival experience. It is totally clear to us that music festivals serve as an escape from everyday life. It is not a big secret that this creates a free space away from the strict social rules. As long as the focus is on togetherness and collective fun, there is nothing wrong with it. However, if these “relaxed” rules are abused as a sort of gray area for intolerant, indecent or sexist behavior, we have a duty to do something about it.

At Nova Rock respectful interaction among the visitors is very important. However, last year we received feedback from worried female visitors who did not feel completely comfortable at the campsite. Since your feedback is very important to us, we decided this year to create a camping area for those female Nova rockers who could not celebrate their time at the campground as expected. The registration for this camping area called „grrrls Camping“  is free of charge by registering on our homepage. The area will be situated near the Green Camping area.

Should you be confronted with unacceptable, intolerant behavior on the festival grounds, you can immediately report this to a team of specially trained security personnel. This team is distinctly marked but can also be informed by all the other securities or the catering staff.

These measures are designed to increase the sense of security, so that all members of the Nova Rock family on the Pannonia Fields can feel completely comfortable. Respect among each other (regardless of skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, musical taste 😋 etc.) is very important to us. If you do not want to understand this, please stay at home. Thanks for your understanding ❤️

Registration will be open from spring 2020.

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