News from 11.03.2020

COVID-19 Info (11.03.2020)

Dear Nova Rockers!
From today’s perspective, there is no reason to worry that the Nova Rock Festival 2020 should not take place. In any case, we are still working hard to offer you another unforgettable Nova Rock. Based on your support, which has also been expressed in ticket sales over the past few weeks, we conclude that the COVID-19 virus has not lowered your anticipation for a great festival. Neither do we. Thanks for your optimism. And now let’s hope that the virus disappears as soon as possible. Should there be any change about the current situation, we will of course inform you immediately. In the unlikely event that the festival has to be canceled completely, the ticket price (excluding fees & ticket offices expenses) will of course be refunded at the ticket office where you bought your tickets.  Take care and please never forget: “You can’t kill rock ’n‘ roll. It’s here to stay!” (Ozzy Osbourne) 🤘🏽 All the best and see you in June❤️