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This year we will welcome professional chefs and food artists to provide you with mouth-watering treats. Your culinary experience will feature 10 Food-Courts/ Food Streets all over the concert- and camping grounds. For more insight take a look at the Nova Rock map. That way you will be able to get food every time of day and night. Eat Around the clock & the world!
10 culinary things you need to know about this year’s Nova Rock:

  • 10 Food-Courts are located all over the festival and camping grounds. A fleet of Food Trucks is rolling up the premises, where over 100 chefs will provide you with freshly cooked food by the day.
  • 5 years of Genuss Arena Burgenland! Our terrace of delight will offer you sun sails and comfortable seating where you can enjoy regional groceries and traditional treats from Burgenland. Are you in for haute cuisine?! Come and visit renowned, top-rated chef Max Stiegl at our Genuss Arena.
  • The Nova Rock Greisslerei & Ottarocker Shops allow you to buy every day festival necessities without having to leave the premises. They are close to the camping area and supply you with a great choice of products.
  • Altogether 6 Breakfast Areas guarantee a good start to your day. Early birds and sleepyheads alike will find there is plenty of time to have a long, comfortable breakfast. Our hidden gem: The Festival Breakfast Deluxe at Wiener Café ensures an imperial vibe.
  • Hofer Grill Area – have a nice barbecue with your friends in a laid-back atmosphere directly on camp site. Enjoy great quality and fair prices.
  • Inzersdorfer Warm Up Standl – Pick your favorite can of food at the booth and have it warmed up right away. You can kiss cold camp site ravioli goodbye!
  • Craft Beer Hütte – just like last year the Ottakringer station for special kinds of beer is offering a fine assortment from Brauwerk and other Craft-Beer-Breweries. For everyone who can use a little variety.
  • For all non-beer-drinkers among you there are a number of special bars, including our Spritzer and cocktail bars. Again on the spot to refresh you: Jägermeister Hirschrevier, Captain’s Bar, Met and for the first time in 2018 the Whiskey & Gin Bar as well as Meine Kleine Kokosnuss (My little coconut).
  • Every day from 1.30 pm to 4 pm you can get your drink served in our 0,5l Nova Rock Limited Edition Festival cup. (For as long as stocks last).
  • In case you cannot wait for this year’s Nova Rock to start – our Festival-Webshop is up and running. Besides the vital amount of Ottarocker beer (in cans!) you can order a variety of other articles to make your festival experience as enjoyable as possible.

Here is a more extensive overview of 2018’s culinary offers:

Come visit the Captain and his Morganettes live at the Captain’s Bar in front of the Blue Stage. Have a legendary picture taken with him and your friends and get one of the sought-after Captain Morgan goodies with your drink. Besides classics like Captain & Coca Cola there is the very delicious Captain Nova – if you don’t believe us, have a taste!

And since the Captain cannot miss a party look out for his cabin in the party zone!

Fancy a delicious Craft Beer?! As last year the Ottakringer booth for special kinds of beer offers a tasteful selection in cooperation with Brauwerk and other Craft Beer Breweries. You will find various beer specialties as well as lagers.

We have the perfect souvenir for you – every day from 1.30 pm to 4 pm you can get your drink served in our 0,5l Nova Rock Limited Edition Festival cup. (For as long as stocks last).

Being early pays off. Just look out for the special cup at your most frequented beer booth. There is a chance you will find our limited edition design cup anywhere on the premises. The deposit is the same as for regular cups. And if you feel like keeping it as a token of remembrance, just don’t give it back.

Our favourite Nova Rock tradition is most definitely the legendary morning pint at the Red Stage on the last day of the festival – with our headliner of hearts Wendis Böhmische Blasmusik. Every year thousands of festival guests join together at 11 am to take part in this highlight.

Ottakringer Brewery invites you to witness the tapping of a fresh barrel and treats you to free beer right in front of the Red Stage. This year, morning pint will start on Sunday at 11 am. So come quick and party on!

Discover a new culinary world daily and revitalize for the next festival adventure. You will find various stands from near to far. And of course our festival classics won’t be missing!

Nova Rock Food Trucks come up with diversified, lusciously tasty food creations. Right after the Genuss Arena you can find the Food Truck Area with our "food artists". High quality burger variations, homemade fries, brick oven pizza, pastrami sandwiches, steak sandwiches and more await you…

One of our highlights for the past couple of years is the Genuss Arena Burgenland with traditional delicacies from the region of Burgenland. This year star chef Max Stiegl will join us for the first time. Find more information via Genuss Arena Burgenland.

Food-Courts overview:

Blue Stage:

  • Genuss Arena Burgenland & Food Truck Area
  • Food Street Blue
  • Highway to Hell – Blue Court

Red Stage:

  • Food Street Red
  • Highway to Hell – Red Court


  • Day & Night Food Court


  • Food District Number #1 (even bigger this year)
  • Camping Food Street
  • Caravan Court


  • Lunch & Dinner @ the sunroof

Little teaser for this year’s overall food selection

Tartes, Asian Wok Noodles, fresh barbecue, hot dogs, langos, mini-cordon-bleu, fish & chips, pasta, cheese spaetzle dumplings, sucking pig, crepes, mini spring rolls, burritos, Asian rice dishes, Indian specialties, chicken sticks, käsekrainer and other sausages, goulash, tortellini, rolled roast, doner kebab, schnitzel roll, falafel, kaiserschmarrn (sweet cut-up pancake), pulled pork burger, onion rings, potato noodles, shakes, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit,spareribs, donuts, pretzels, strudel variations, ice cream, chili cheese fries, minced meatballs, prawn noodles, Mexican burgers, mozzarella sticks, cupcakes, stuffed paninis, pizza and calzone, hash browns, samosa, wan-tan, sushi, sweet potato fries, thai curry, wraps, onion roast

We are celebrating the 5-year-anniversary of Genuss Arena Burgenland! It presents a milestone for Nova Rock’s culinary development and has become an acclaimed destination we don’t want to be without. Our terrace of delight is located centrally in front of the Blue Stage and offers sun sails and comfortable seating.

To celebrate this anniversary accordingly we invited star chef Max Stiegl, who cooks with passion and affinity for the Burgenland-cuisine. Try the Balkan burger and the goose kebab for a real gourmet treat.

We attach great importance to high quality food that is tasty and made from regional ingredients. Our producers and local farmers have worked their magic to come up with great recipes including all the regional flavours. And since anticipation is half the pleasure it’s not too early to get in the mood for sucking pig, Alpine kebab, spaetzle dumplings, strudel variations, meat loaf sandwich and many more.

Get comfortable and take your time. We recommend cool Red Bull Organics Simply Cola or Red Bull Organics Ginger Ale, which will both compliment the food and keep you perfectly refreshed.

The Food Courts are opened till midnight. Then it’s time for our cleaning troupe to make everything tidy and accommodating for the next day.

When life gives you gin, pour some tonic on top of it. Yes, the gin-tonic hype has reached us. This year our Whiskey & Gin Container Bar will offer a great variety of gins. A choice of special ingredients will be available to round off your gin-experience.

Are you done carrying 4 days worth of food, drinks and toiletries across the camping are? Good. You don’t have to. This year we offer Smart Shopping. The Greisslerei will cater to your every need and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to walk for miles to get your stuff. On camp site in the midst of Food District Number #1 there will also be a little Festival Supermarket that offers a small variety of every day necessities.

The drink shop will provide you with quick buys for anyone who just wants to get a 24-can-tray of Ottarocker beer or a tray of sparkling water including 6 bottles.

Or festival mini market will offer even more comfort this year:

Our assortment will be upped from 30 goods to altogether 100 articles. Our shop consists of hundred square meters of aisles, where you can stroll around and shop to your heart’s content – just like home. Get everything you need for a comfortable festival experience – all the things you forgot at home or left behind on purpose will be provided fresh and cooled. You can pay with the balance on your cashless card.


  • Drinks:  juices, lemonades, longdrinks in a can, partyshots and a choice of either a large (24 cans) or medium (12 cans) Ottarocker beer tray presented to you by the Ottakringer brewery.
  • Ice cubes
  • For when you feel a bit peckish or in need of a snack: Bifi, Bifi Hot Roll, different types of Crunchips, sweets, chewing gum, muesli bars, biscuits and cookies, sandwiches, , fruit and vegetables ....
  • Breakfast food: cooled long-life milk, fruit yoghurt, slicing sausage from our partner BERGER & WIESBAUER, packed portions of cheese, Nutella, jam, muesli, hummus, spreads, bread and rolls, iced coffee, smoothie…
  • Bodywash, tooth paste, tooth brush or sun lotion – forgot your toiletries at home? No worries, we have a fine choice of practical bathroom products for you: deodorant, disposable safety razors, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, disinfectant, soft wipes, female hygiene products, condoms, and more are stocked for you.

As last year we offer a Rock-menu that consists of 4 cans of Ottarocker and one can Inzersdorfer for a special price. If you buy 6 cans of Inzersdorfer at once you will receive a free Inzersdorfer gymbag – for as long as stock lasts.

Opening Hours:
TUE: 06:00 pm - 11:00 pm
WED - SUN: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm

During all four days of the Nova Rock festival, HOFER will be expecting you in our own Grill Area powered by VOLUME where we will offer finest quality at fair prices and plenty of room to chill out. Whether you like to enjoy meat, vegetarian, or even vegan specialities, the HOFER-Grill Area powered by VOLUME offers delicious food for every taste. Simply buy your desired BBQ speciality in the HOFER-Grill Area powered by VOLUME and grill it yourself using one of the many kettle barbecues provided. Top your dish off with all the things required for a perfect BBQ, such as herbs, salads, bread, and sauces. In our cosily furnished HOFER-Grill Area powered by VOLUME with its own (singer and songwriter) stage, plenty of space for relaxing and enjoying, and a great number of shaded places, we invite you to charge your batteries for a long festival day at low prices. Our motto is: "My experience. My plus."

And there's even more: all festival visitors who bought their festival passes at HOFER will receive their daily grill speciality and an additional non-alcoholic beverage for free in the HOFER-Grill Area powered by VOLUME.


We offer our grill specialities, salads, fruits, and other delicious foods for you to buy and grill using one of the kettle barbecues provided in the HOFER-Grill Area powered by VOLUME during all festival days between 10:00 am and 06:00 pm.

Since last year’s warm-up station for canned food by Inzersdorfer has been very successful it is coming back this year. You are free to use microwave ovens and induction hotplates. Warm up your goulash or your chicken curry or simply choose from the assortment the company Inzersdorfer provides for you.

Legendary Jägermeister Hirschrevier welcomes its guests for the 6th time in a row right on camp site and invites you to go on a chase for festival goodies. Hirschrevier opens on Wednesday at 4 pm, so you better stop by for a welcome drink. A lot of action and unforgettable moments await you. Jägermeister Rockgarage and their DJs equip you with the perfect sound for your Hirschrevier get-together. You can look up their line-up here: or here:

Star chef Max Stiegl from Burgenland leaves his restaurant kitchen behind for a few days to join us at the  GENUSS ARENA BURGENLAND. For those who are a bit tired of fast food we now have a perfect alternative: haute cuisine. Enjoy Max’s goose-kebab with high quality regional ingredients and a number of vegetarian variations. We have spared no efforts  and succeeded to bring Austrian award-winning cooking to a festival – unfuckingbelievable!

In 2017 our VIP guests were spoiled with delicious rum-coconuts and got the holiday treatment. We think everybody should be rewarded with the pleasure of drinkable coconuts by My Little Coconut (Meine kleine Kokosnuss). You will find them on the premises Food Court close to Genuss Arena!

Ice-cold Ottarocker  beer awaits you again this year on our camp site for a sensational price of 1,50€. A perfect opportunity to pack clothes for every weather besides your tent and sleeping bag – because we will take care of your beer from now on. Ottarocker is available at the Nova Rock Greisslerei and the Ottarocker Shops on the camp site.

Since our partner the Ottakringer Brewery thinks as practically as we do, you can decide between a large (24 cans) and medium (12 cans) tray of Ottarocker.

And if you are going to be smart about it you can always pre-order your Ottarocker at our popular webshop.

It began with a funky thought and is now one of Nova Rock’s trademark symbols – the black Ottarocker can – officially available at all shops.

Ottarocker Shops

To make your walkways shorter ice cold Ottarocker will be right around the corner. There are 2 extra locations for you directly on camp site – at the Caravan Camping site as well as the back area of the camping pitch next to the breakfast

As every year there is a brand NEW Red Bull Summer Edition for you to taste and enjoy. For year’s we have been among the first festival where you can taste the new flavors. Year by year our guests are excited for the new edition. We already had a little taste and inspired by its deliciousness we created a yummy drink for you – get ready for the Red Bull Summer Super Trouper.

My beer’s already there! Pre-ordered Ottarocker waiting for you – ice-cold – without the preceding dragging of palettes right at the Nova Rock Greisslerei at camp site. 🍻

Moreover you can upload money on your cashless card via webshop. This will get you into the fast lane of our cashless loading station right by the entrance of the camp site, where you can always access your balance. Quick and easy!

Link to our webshop:

Whiskey does not equal to Whisky. Everybody has gin fever, but what’s a Rock festival without a good cup of Whisk(e)y Cola. That is why this year we will provide a container for the Whiskey & Gin lovers among you. We prepared a variety of Whiskeys for you – served on the rocks. And if you’re uncertain about your favorite type our staff will gladly offer some advice.

The Wiener Café will open its tarpaulins for you in the heart of the camp site. Come by for imperial vibes and the most popular desserts of Austrian cuisine – among them the infamous Kaiserschmarrn (sweet cut-up pancake). Perfect for people with a sweet tooth or a hangover-breakfast. Coffee lovers, listen up: there are also several variations of coffee ranging from espresso, melange, Americano, milk coffee to tea and hot chocolate. There’s enough time to go to breakfast for early birds as well as sleepyheads.

There are all together 6 breakfast tents all over the camp site that will garantuee a good start to your day.

In case you want something a little more extra just visit the Nova Rock Greisslerei to enrich your first meal of the day choosing from a huge variety of groceries.

To find all breakfast locations, please consult the area map.

For those who want to kick start the day there is a mobile camp site troupe selling Ottarocker for your ROCK-FRÜHSTÜCK including a cooled 0,5l can of Ottarocker and Red Bull for energy. Perfect for those who have a hard time getting out of their tents after a long party night!

We think our party zone still lacks the so called icing on the cake. Every successful party night deserves the grande finale at the quaintly traditional sausage stand. An after-hour location with the right ingredients for closing time.

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