Nova Rock 2023

Day Stage Time
Mi, 7. Juni Red Bull Stage


Annisokay – the German rock/metal band will release their fifth studio album „Aurora“ in 2020 and reinvent themselves. old braids were literally cut off and a new singer got brought on board. The musical foundation has remained. Heavy guitar riffs and driving drum rhythms paired with a mix of melodic goose bumps vocals and aggressive shouts. Rudi Schwarzer is now responsible for the shouts. The new front man has already convinced the fans live. So Annisokay played the „X-Mas Bash Tour“ together with EMIL BULLS in winter 2019. In winter 2020 the new album „Aurora“ will follow in a completely new way. As usual, guitarist and singer Christoph Wieczorek is in charge of the production, and his charismatic and melodic voice will continue to give you goosebumps. The quartet is completed by the rhythm group, consisting of drummer Nico Vaeen and bassist Norbert Rose.

Annisokay was founded in 2007 and has since been considered one of the most talented German bands with international flair. The band has already played successful tours in Europe, Great Britain, Japan and the USA. With several headline shows in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, the band gained a loyal and massively increasing fan base. Highlights were support shows for PARKWAY DRIVE in sold-out halls in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The established independent record label SPV signed the band in 2014 and three studio albums were released, all of which made it into the top 100 of the official German album charts. In 2018, Annisokay moved from SPV to Arising Empire. In the same year, the fourth studio album „Arms“ was released, which made the band’s highest chart entry to date with number 26. The idea for the band’s name came from the song „Smooth Criminal“ by Michael Jackson. Annisokay released a Michael Jackson cover EP in 2016 with „Annie are you okay?“ to honor a true musical genius who served as the inspiration for the band’s name. What sound and what kind of music Annisokay stands for? Free from genre-typical clichés or current sound trends and still sounding modern, that is the maxim. Guitarist and singer Christoph Wieczorek has been the band’s producer since the beginning. This is how all Annisokay albums are created, directed by Christoph, in his recording studio „Sawdust Recordings“ in Halle/Saale. After four studio albums, the brand new album „Aurora“ is all about the new shouter. Aurora symbolizes the mystical northern lights, full of hope on the dark horizon. Annisokay had toured extensively in previous years and made the leap to international stages outside of Europe. The start was a four-week US tour with I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE, from New York City to Los Angeles. Japan and Russia followed, as well as an extensive European tour. The band spent almost a year close together on the tour bus. After the summer 2019 festival, the big cut came and the band parted ways with the previous shouter. Longtime friend and experienced shouter Rudi Schwarzer was hired for the upcoming shows in 2019. Rudi has been playing in various hardcore bands for over 10 years. It quickly became clear that this would fit! With new strength, fun and a lot of energy, Annisokay continue their successful genre mix and set new standards for modern and melodic rock/metal music.

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