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Sa, 15. Juni

Saltatio Mortis

It’s been 21 years since this band had its first gigs; back then, the musicians stood around on street corners with drums and bag pipes and played for the money that was thrown into their hats. Saltatio Mortis say today that they would never have imagined that with beak shoes, bell bands and bagpipes they would one day make it to the top with four number one albums. 

with four number one albums and a golden record to boot. And that such a colorful troupe, even after more than twenty years, still manages to be so successful in a world that is becoming increasingly gray – that alone is a sign that gives hope.

Hope that also seems urgently needed in the second year of Corona exception. Even almost a year after the release of „Für immer frei“, there is still no sign of the old normality. Concerts as we knew them, as it were the elixir of life of Saltatio Mortis, still do not exist. The band is eagerly awaiting the first gigs after more than 18 months of stage abstinence and has also included a complete recording of the special „Corona-Livestream“ concert on DVD for the buyers of the limited edition.

But not only the world outside has changed, also in the small Saltatio cosmos a lot has happened: Simultaneously with the release of „Für immer frei“ Lasterbalk – founding member, drummer, lyricist and manager of Saltatio Mortis – became father of a little and very adorable daughter. 

Children change the world, and so he retires from the time-consuming touring business to actively accompany his daughter as she grows up. Jean takes over the drumsticks and provides the right beats with his irrepressible joy of playing. Lasterbalk will continue to be there for the band behind the scenes and of course work diligently on new songs.

Saltatio Mortis have summarized the first results of this upheaval in a new edition of the successful album „Für immer frei“. Besides the prominent songs of the main album, there are five new songs and three alternative versions. With the single „Nie allein“ (Never Alone) Saltatio evoke the cohesion they also live and experience in the real world. With „My Mother Told Me“ and „Wellerman“ two foreign language songs are represented in the eight new tracks, which clearly refer to the historical and folk roots of the band. For a long time, the band’s heart has also been beating for the Nordic saga world and not least for modern adaptations, such as the successful series „Vikings“. Fans of the series will certainly recognize the historical melody of „My Mother Told Me“ immediately, just as fans of „Assasins Creed“ are likely to find some characters in the videographic realization.

It is exactly this balancing act that distinguishes Saltatio Mortis: The balancing act between the modern and the historical… „Für immer frei – Unsere Zeit Edition“ is the name of the new album of Saltatio Mortis, and in the title you can find confession and call at the same time. A coherent self-description of a free band that has never cared about musical boundaries. Free music from free people. Because free and open: that’s how the music of this group is; that’s how it has always been since Saltatio Mortis found each other in Karlsruhe in 2000. But perhaps they have never worked on expanding their possibilities with such curiosity and virtuosity as on this album.

Even after twenty-one years, Saltatio Mortis still seem as powerful, passionate and curious as on the first day; their increased musical maturity only enhances the intensity of their songs. „Für immer frei – Unsere Zeit“: This is the music of a band that knows its history and knows about the future; that is so sure that it does not shy away from any risk – and that knows that today it is more important than ever not to leave the powerful rock and the tender folk to the enemies of freedom.

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