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The official, free Nova Rock App is your best companion for the festival - there you can find all the important information whenever you need it, maps and all the timetables including info about the artists. To not miss anything you can save your favorite bands - the app creates a custom festival plan for you and sends you notifications at stage time. 

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Due to the "Registrierkassenpflicht" we had to look for a legally compliant solution for all Nova Rock festivalgoers as well. This is why there is no cash accepted at Nova Rock but a cashless system. You can top-up your account via a chip on your wristband. Attention: You can refund your credit only online! A cash-out on site is not possible anymore. 

Information about the cash-out of organizer vouchers according to KuKuSpoSiG:

When can I request payment of my tour operator voucher?

An organizer voucher can be paid out at the earliest from January 1st, 2023 (if the event should have taken place for the first time in 2020 or in the first half of 2021) or January 1st, 2024 (if the event should have taken place for the first time in the second half of 2021 or in the first half of 2022). are to take place).


How can I apply for a payout of my organizer voucher?

The payment is not made automatically, but at the request of the voucher holder. If you would like to have the value of your organizer voucher paid out, you will find the links to our ticketing partners here:

You can request the payout of your tour operator voucher that you received from OETICKET (online by e-mail or directly at the ticket office) here:

For organizer vouchers online via;;; or applies:

Register with your existing customer account on the respective website and apply for your payment. Here you will find your login button:

Organizer vouchers issued at the cash desk of the Wiener Stadthalle or at a ticket office in the Wien-Ticket sales network:

Please contact the point of sale where you received your vouchers. If you have any questions, please contact To process your request, please note the voucher number printed on the voucher.

Organizer vouchers issued by Hofer, here is the link for payment:


If you have any questions about your organizer voucher, please contact For your request, please state the voucher number and the ticketing partner, or ideally send a scan/photo of the voucher.

Processing usually takes place within 14 working days.

First Aid is available at the camping ground, the caravan site, the main area and at the BLUE and RED STAGE.

The Red Cross will be on site every day with over 100 paramedics and emergency doctors from all over Austria. Our help desks as well as the operations management and rescue vehicles are staffed 24 hours a day, with two additional Red Cross stations at the BLUE and RED STAGE during the stage times.


  • sun protection - a cap protects you from a sunstroke -¬† sunscreen from a painful sunburn.¬†
  • rain protection - because the weather can change quickly
  • warm clothes - it can get cold at night¬†
  • sturdy shoes - the ground consists of grass and is not even, every year there are a lot of ankle injuries,¬†so choose your shoes accordingly.


  • Drink enough non-alcoholic drinks - two to three liters of water a day are recommended (we have enough free drinking-water-stations)¬†
  • Take some breaks - a festival is exhausting, do not strain yourself
  • Ear protection: protect your ears while standing in front of the stages or other¬† loudspeakers to prevent hearing loss. Ear protection can be found free of charge throughout the festival area.¬†
  • Don‚Äôt forget your prescribed medication and painkillers.
  • A small first-aid kit with band-aids, tweezers and the like is essential to any camping equipment in order to treat minor injuries immediately.¬†
  • Please note that contraceptives as well as morning-after pills will not be distributed by the Red Cross.

In case our medical staff prescribes medication, it is possible to place an order. Our MED-Shuttle is operating daily and will provide you with the necessary medication in a timely manner. Please note that there’s a prescription and service fee attached.

Medicines brought with you which need to be kept refrigerated can be handed in at the Red Cross station at the camping site where they’ll be stored safely in a medicine fridge. In case you need assistance with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact the Red Cross, they are there for you and will help you in any way they can.

  • By entering the festival grounds you accept your house rules without exceptions
  • We do not assume liability for damages, injuries or theft at the campsite. Parking is at your own risk and under traffic regulations. Only allowed vehicles can park and enter the festival site.¬†
  • The instructions of the security staff must be followed at all times.
  • Camping and entry is only allowed with a valid Nova Rock Ticket.¬†
  • Children up to the age of 8 are not allowed at the festival!¬†
  • Camping is included in festival passes as well as day-passes.¬†
  • You are only allowed to camp in marked areas.¬†
  • Please keep traffic-, emergency-, as well as escape-routes and closed off paths clear.¬†
  • Grilling: In the Grill and Chill Area you have the opportunity to prepare grilled food that you either brought with you or bought directly at the area. Open fire is prohibited outside the Grill and Chill Area and we therefore ask you not to bring your own grills with you.¬†
  • Party Tents: Setting up party tents is forbidden due to safety-, space- and environmental reasons. If you still bring them please make sure that the tent is used by several people and covers at least 50% of your sleeping tent.¬†
  • Tents: Please take your tents with you after the festival and reuse them! It helps the environment and saves you some money!¬†
  • Cleanliness: Please help to protect our environment and keep your campsite clean!¬†
  • Wind Mills: Due to safety reasons it is strongly encouraged to keep a safe distance!¬†

The info point / Lost & Found is located at the transition from the camping site to the party area on the right of the entrance. Here you will find all festival-related information and also information about train and bus timetables. The info point can also be reached from the campsite. In addition, rain ponchos will be available at the information desk in case of bad weather.

After the festival, found objects will be available at the municipal office in Nickelsdorf.


Phone: +43 (0) 21 46 / 22 01


We would like to point out that admission for children is only permitted aged 8 or above. The latest version of the Burgenland Youth Protection Act (burgenländische Jugendschutzgesetz) applies. The security staff is requested to comply. Children pay the full price.

In order to be able to offer people with disabilities as stress-free a festival as possible, please note the following points:

  • Separate tickets for people with disabilities are available via Oeticket Hotline under 01 96096 202 or per e-mail at
  • A marked parking space is available for people with disabilities. This space is located at the VIP car park.
  • There is also a separate camping area with adapted toilets. Camping there is only permitted with an appropriate ticket for people with disabilities plus one accompanying person. Close in distance at the Caravan 1 area are suitable sanitary facilities as well. Another container is located at the big sanitary facility at the main camping area.¬†
  • Both stages (BLUE and RED STAGE) have a platform for people with disabilities. Access is permitted for people with disabilities with an appropriate ticket plus one accompanying person.
  • There will be security personnel and emergency responders on the entire festival site. They are required to provide immediate assistance at all times.

With a VIP Ticket you have access to a separate parking area and the VIP platforms at the stages for a better view as well as the VIP camping area.

Please help to protect the environment and keep your campsite clean! The trash deposit is ‚ā¨ 20,- (to be payed in cash on site) of which ‚ā¨ 10,- will be retained as a waste contribution. The remaining ‚ā¨ 10 - will be refunded as always if you hand in a trash bag that is at least half full and your deposit voucher. The designated drop-off points are open Thursday 12pm until Sunday 12pm.¬†

If you have a tent or a backpack with you, you are considered a camper regardless of the ticket, i.e. a trash deposit will be charged. No return possible without the deposit voucher!


Green Camping, Tent Hotel, Glamping

All Green Campers, Glampers and Tent Hotel users are exempt from the trash deposit and waste contribution.

Day tickets

  • for day ticket holders who want to check in on the day their ticket is valid (e.g. Saturday day ticket, check in on Saturday) and bring camping equipment: ‚ā¨ 20,- trash deposit & waste contribution have to be paid.
  • for those day ticket holders who want to check in on the day their ticket is valid (e.g. Saturday day ticket, Check In on Saturday) and do not bring camping equipment: ‚ā¨ 20,- trash deposit & waste contribution do not have to be paid.

Thank you for your understanding!

  • Fire department: (+43) 122
  • Police: (+43) 133
  • Ambulance: (+43) 144
  • International: (+43) 112

Report any fire hazard to the local authorities. In case of fire, contact the fire department and the local authorities immediately, regardless of if the fire seems small or is already extinguished.

First aid points and paramedics are situated at both main stages as well as at the campsite and the caravan area.

All Nova Rock visitors who come to Podersdorf am See between June 13th and 16th, 2024 with an official festival wristband will receive a reduced day admission of ‚ā¨ 5 to the PODOBEACH lido. All further information about PODOBEACH can be found here:¬†

Foto: Eric van Ommen 

All Nova Rock visitors who come to the St. Martins Spa during the Nova Rock Festival (with an official festival wristband) receive a 10% special discount on daily admission to the thermal baths.

All further information about the St. Martins Spa can be found HERE.


The organizer/promoter cannot be held liable for any damage, injury or theft at the festival area (parking lot, camping and caravan area, core area, etc.)

As with any open air event, we can not influence the weather. If it comes to severe weather warnings and an evacuation of the site, we ask you to follow these steps:

  • Keep calm: Often, thunderstorms announce themselves some time in advance, so that there is enough time to get to safety in peace. However, if a storm suddenly occurs, it is also important to stay calm, to use escape routes and to follow the instructions of the security staff.
  • Avoid platforms, stages and fences: On sprawling and flat surfaces, the platforms, barrier fences and other elevated (metallic) structures are more likely to be struck by lightning due to their height. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid these places during thunderstorms - in particular, because lightning can cause damage not only at the point of impact, but also in their environment. This is especially true for trees that are falsely frequented by visitors as shelter.
  • Look for protection in the car: Who can, should leave the festival grounds during a thunderstorm and seek shelter in a closed car or caravan. The reason: The vehicles form a Faraday cage, which dissipates the lightning in the event of an impact into the earth and thus protects the occupants. Offers free seats to other festival guests and signals free seats by switching on the hazard warning lights.
  • Squat down: Those who can not make it to the car in time and have to wait for the thunderstorm on an open area should squat down and make themselves small, place their feet next to each other and embrace the body with their arms. Through this position, the attack surface for lightning is as low as possible.

Should you be confronted with unacceptable, intolerant behavior on the festival grounds, you can immediately report this to a team of specially trained security personnel. This team is specially marked, and can also be contacted immediately by all other security and catering staff.


You feel threatened, harassed or simply uncomfortable? You can also order an Angel Shot directly at the bar, our trained gastropub staff will help you immediately or notify further help in case of emergency.

You can also reach help at any time via the emergency hotline: +43 664 11 20 543

At open air events, unexpected measures may be taken due to weather conditions (interruption of performances, evacuation of core area, evacuation of tents, etc.). These measures will be announced by loudspeaker announcements and by the security personnel, if necessary also online. In this case (also), the instructions of the security personnel must be followed without resistance!

As the Nova Rock site is located in the immediate vicinity of the state border to Hungary, we would like to point out that we clearly advise against entering Hungarian territory. Entering the Hungarian state territory is also only permitted by carrying a valid passport or identity card. After entering Hungarian territory, you are immediately subject to Hungarian law.

  • Camping outside the designated areas & on paths is strictly prohibited.
  • Children will not be admitted under the age of 8!
  • Gas cartridges¬†
  • Gas bottles¬†
  • Various flammable liquids
  • Open fires (grilling is allowed in the Topo Chico Grill Area)
  • Any type of cooking utensils & grills Glass
  • Bulky waste (sofas, couches, plywood, etc. are not allowed on the premises)
  • Digging holes is strictly prohibited
  • Beer crates, beer tables, benches and bulky items
  • Bicycles, mopeds
  • Weapons or weapon-like objects, fireworks of any kind
  • Pets of any kind
  • Selfie sticks are prohibited in the core area
  • Pertinent flags / banners with a right-wing extremist background

  • Das Campen au√üerhalb der vorgesehenen Fl√§chen und auf Wegen ist strengstens verboten
  • Kinder erhalten bis zum Alter von 8 Jahren keinen Einlass!
  • Gaskartuschen¬†
  • Gasflaschen¬†
  • Diverse brennbare Fl√ľssigkeiten
  • Offenes Feuer (gegrillt werden kann in der Grill & Chill Area)
  • Jegliche Art von Kochger√§ten und Griller¬†
  • Sperrm√ľll (Sofas, Couchen, Sperrholz, etc. d√ľrfen nicht auf das Gel√§nde mitgenommen werden)
  • Das Graben von L√∂chern ist strengstens untersagt
  • Bierkisten, Biertische, B√§nke sowie sperrige Gegenst√§nde
  • Fahrr√§der, Mopeds
  • Waffen oder waffen√§hnliche Gegenst√§nde, Feuerwerksk√∂rper jeglicher Art
  • Haustiere jeglicher Art
  • Selfiesticks sind im Kerngel√§nde verboten
  • Einschl√§gige Fahnen / Banner mit rechtsradikalem Hintergrund¬†

Alle Verbote und weitere wichtige Infos findet ihr in unserer

Hausordnung NR 23