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Get the official Nova Rock App - your best informed and compact festival buddy!

The official Nova Rock App is your perfect Companion for the festival. The app provides you with any information you may want to know about the Nova Rock. You will have direct access to the festival map, all time tables and various information about the artists. Any time and wherever you are.

If you don’t want to miss a thing, you can mark & safe your favorite bands – the Nova Rock app will then generate a personalized time table and will notify you about the performance start on time. You can download it for free!

The updated NR22 for iOS und Android will be available by spring 2022.

The Nova Rock festival is cashless*. Payments will solely be made with a cashless card/chip. Our Cashless FAQs can be found HERE.

*exceptions: garbage deposit/contribution & early camping/caravan tickets.

At the Nova Rock the Red Cross is back for everyone who needs help. We are at the festival daily with up to 120 paramedics and 10 to 12 emergency physicians. Sanitätshilfsstellen at the campsite and at the caravan site and the operations line and several rescue vehicles are staffed around the clock, two more Red Cross stations are at the Blue and Red Stage during the stage times.

Here some advice that may help you to avoid emergency visits:


  • sun protection – wear a cap to avoid sunstroke, use sunscreen to prevent sunburn
  • rain protection – weather conditions can be unpredictable
  • warm clothes – it could get cold at night
  • solid shoes – since the festival area is on grassland, the ground is not fully even. Therefore, please wear solid shoes to prevent ankle injuries.


  • Don’t forget to drink enough non-alcoholic beverages – at least two to three liters (there are free drinking fountains at the festival site!)
  • Take a break - a festival can be exhausting, don’t overexert yourself and take a rest every now and then.
  • Ear protection - we advise you to use ear plugs when standing in front of the stage or close to speakers (you can get free ear plugs at several points at the festival site!)
  • Don't forget to bring headache pills and a sufficient amount of your prescribed medication.
  • To treat minor injuries, bring a small first-aid kit including band-aids, a tweezer, etc.
  • Please note that the Red Cross does not provide any kind of contraceptives or the „morning-after pill“.

Medication prescribed by our doctors can be ordered directly at the festival site.
Our MED-Shuttle operates daily and will get the needed medication for you. A prescription charge and a service fee will be charged in advance.

Medication brought along can be stored in a refrigerator at the Red Cross station on the campsite.

The Red Cross will help you with any kind of incidents and is available around the clock. Please do not hesitate to ask them if you need help!

Click HERE for the Nova Rock House Rules from our last festival edition 2019.

The information desk / Lost & Found point are located between the campsite and party zone on the right side of the gates. If you need any information about the festival or the bus and train schedule, you can get it there. The information desk is also accessible from the campsite.
In case of rain you can get a rain poncho there as well.

Lost objects not claimed during the festival can be collected at the town hall Nickelsdorf around June 8th.

Phone: +43 (0) 21 46 / 22 01
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Please be informed that the minimum age for the Nova Rock festival is 8 years.
The Youth Protection Act (Jugendschutzgesetz) of Burgenland applies.

  • Tickets for disabled people are available at the Oeticket Hotline - +43 900-9496096 (€ 1,09/min).
  • A separate parking lot is provided at the VIP parking area.
  • There is also a separate camping area with adapted toilets available. Camping is only allowed there with an appropriate ticket for people with disabilities plus an accompanying person.
  • A viewing platform for disabled people is located at both main stages (Blue and Red Stage). Access is only granted to people holding a special ticket for disabled persons plus one accompanying person.
  • Our security personnel and the paramedics will help you with any assistance you might need.

Please help to protect the environment and keep your campsite clean!
The garbage deposit is 10 €, but of this 5 € will be deducted as a waste contribution. The remaining 5 € will be refunded, as last year, with delivery of an at least half full garbage bag & receipt. The designated delivery points are open FR  09:00 to 14:00 and SAT  09:00 to MO 12:00.

Anyone carrying a tent or backpack will be considered a camper regardless of the ticket. No return possible without a deposit!

Green Camping, tent hotel, Glamping

All green campers, glamor campers and tent hotel users are excluded from the garbage deposit and garbage contribution.

Silent & Clean Caravan

The garbage deposit of € 5 will be refunded to the Silent & Clean Caravan Campers. For this, from the penultimate festival day around noon staff will leave the campsite and pay you the pledge.

Day tickets

• For those day ticket holders who wish to check in on the day their ticket is valid (for example, Saturday Day Ticket, Check In on Saturday), and bring Camping Equipment: 5 € garbage deposit & 5 € garbage fee needs to be paid.

• For those day ticket holders who wish to check in on the day their ticket is valid (for example, Saturday Day Ticket, Check In on Saturday), and do not bring camping equipment: 5 € garbage deposit & 5 € garbage fee do  NOT need to be paid.


The updated opening hours will be available by spring 2022 and can than be found HERE

  • Fire department: (+43) 122
  • Police: (+43) 133
  • Ambulance: (+43) 144
  • International: (+43) 112

Report any fire hazard to the local authorities. In case of fire, contact the fire department and the local authorities immediately, regardless of if the fire seems small or is already extinguished.

First aid points and paramedics are situated at both main stages as well as at the campsite and the caravan area.

All Nova Rock visitors who come to the St. Martins Spa during the Nova Rock Festival (with an official festival wristband) receive a 10% special discount on daily admission to the thermal baths.

All further information about the St. Martins Spa can be found HERE.


The organizer/promoter cannot be held liable for any damage, injury or theft at the festival area (parking lot, camping and caravan area, core area, etc.)

As with any open air event, we can not influence the weather. If it comes to severe weather warnings and an evacuation of the site, we ask you to follow these steps:

  • Keep calm: Often, thunderstorms announce themselves some time in advance, so that there is enough time to get to safety in peace. However, if a storm suddenly occurs, it is also important to stay calm, to use escape routes and to follow the instructions of the security staff.
  • Avoid platforms, stages and fences: On sprawling and flat surfaces, the platforms, barrier fences and other elevated (metallic) structures are more likely to be struck by lightning due to their height. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid these places during thunderstorms - in particular, because lightning can cause damage not only at the point of impact, but also in their environment. This is especially true for trees that are falsely frequented by visitors as shelter.
  • Look for protection in the car: Who can, should leave the festival grounds during a thunderstorm and seek shelter in a closed car or caravan. The reason: The vehicles form a Faraday cage, which dissipates the lightning in the event of an impact into the earth and thus protects the occupants. Offers free seats to other festival guests and signals free seats by switching on the hazard warning lights.
  • Squat down: Those who can not make it to the car in time and have to wait for the thunderstorm on an open area should squat down and make themselves small, place their feet next to each other and embrace the body with their arms. Through this position, the attack surface for lightning is as low as possible.

Should you be confronted with unacceptable, intolerant behavior on the festival grounds, you can immediately report this to a team of specially trained security personnel. This team is specially marked, and can also be contacted immediately by all other security and catering staff.


Due to unpredictable weather conditions during an open-air event unexpected safety procedures (e.g. performance interruption, evacuation) might take place. Any important safety announcements will be communicated through loudspeaker and by the security personnel. Instructions given by the security personnel must be followed strictly!

Since the Nova Rock festival site is located close to the Hungarian border, we would like to point out that entering and trespassing is only allowed when carrying a valid passport or identity card. When entering Hungarian national territory, Hungarian Law will be applied in regards to any violation of law.

  • Camping outside the designated camping areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Children under 8 years of age are not permitted to enter the festival site!
  • Gas cartridges (you can warm your food at the Inzersdorer Warm Up Standl)
  • Bags bigger than  DIN A4 are prohibited at the core area
  • Gas bottles (you can warm your food at the Inzersdorer Warm Up Standl)
  • Flammable liquids (you can warm your food at the Inzersdorer Warm Up Standl)
  • Open fire (you can barbecue at the Hofer Grill Area)
  • Any kind of cooking devices & grills
  • Glass
  • Bulky waste (sofa, couch, plywood, etc.)
  • Digging holes is strictly forbidden!
  • Beer crates, beer tables, benches or any kind of other bulky items
  • Bicycles and motorbikes
  • Weapons or weapon-like objects, any kind of fireworks
  • Pets
  • Selfiesticks are prohibited at the core area.
  • Any right wing extremist flags or banners

For all prohibitions please have a look at our 2019 house rules right HERE

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