News from 05.06.2024


The new highlight in the party zone – and what are you driving?

Get ready for unforgettable party moments at Nova Rock in the ÖBB Roller Disco – with circle pits on four wheels and the greatest hits of the 90s in the glow of disco balls. In short: experience childhood dreams come true. Do you remember how it used to be? The ÖBB Roller Disco catapults you back to a time before smartphones. To an era when the Backstreet Boys ruled the charts and people ran around the house singing “Wannabe” at the top of their voices. When Bravo magazines, Game Boys, Tamagotchis and lava lamps were the ultimate must-haves: the legendary 90s! Yes, you read that right! A genuine roller skating rink is celebrating its premiere at the Nova Rock Festival this year. At the ÖBB Roller Disco, you can rent roller skates for free on site and party to the hits of your youth and childhood years. Rock’n’roll in the truest sense of the word! & what are you riding at Nova Rock this year?

Wed 20:00 – 02:30 – Disco Action
Thu – Sun 15:30 – 00:00 roller disco
Thu – Sun 00:00 – 02:30 Disco Action
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