News from 14.05.2020

Nova Rock 2021 // Line Up Phase 1

You can’t cancel Rock ’n‘ Roll! 🦠🤛🏼 And you can’t quiet down our local acts. That’s why line-up phase 1 for next year consists of all the bands, that were supposed to play next month. Please welcome:  Seiler & Speer, Dame, Alkbottle, Black Inhale, The Weight, Kaiser Franz Josef, Blood Sucking Zombies From Outer Space, Skolka, Last Band Standing, Please Madame, Coffeeshock Company, :aexattack, Reverend Backflash, Kill The Lycan, Dazu Affect & of course Wendi’s Böhmische Blasmusik! #yccrr.

Swap your NR20 tickets now for next year ☛

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