News from 13.10.2016

NOVA ROCK - next headliner

NOVA ROCK 2017 #NR17

There need to be more headliner for this country – so let’s add another one to the NOVA ROCK Festival presented by VOLUME right now!

-              In 1993 the singer and guitarist formed a band called Soil. Not to be mixed up with SOiL – which we also have to offer: Nov. 1st, Szene Vienna
-              All musicians have also side- / solo-projects
-              The band’s name is taken from a poem, the guitarist wrote.
-              Their style is often described as alternative metal – but to be more specific it is heavy metal, thrash metal, progressive metal, nu metal, grunge, punk and folklore.
-              Beneath their mostly political lyrics, there’s also the necessary touch of humour.
-              Actually the band has „just“ released five records.
-              In a short version they get along with four letters – and it’s not RHCP or RATM.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome:


The circle is closing – GREEN DAY and SYSTEM OF A DOWN the first time together live on a festival in austria since the first NOVA ROCK in 2005!

Go for tickets right now!

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