News from 17.04.2019

Nova Rock Anniversary!

NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL – the 15th edition is right around the corner!
Who would have dared to look so far into the future in 2005, when the Nova Rock Festival opened its doors in Nickelsdorf for the first time?
Who would have wagered that the Nova Rock would ever become a fixture of the European festival landscape with over 220,000 spectators on four days?
Who would have thought that not even the most perfidious weather capriciousness and sheer gale-force gusts of wind can disturb music fans from all over the world in their good mood?
Who would have expected the Nova Rock Festival to have 15 editions and not get tired?
Questions after questions that we can still ask in many different forms. In fact, Nova Rock has been celebrating its peaceful festival spirit three times more often than humans have been on the moon, and three times more often than Edson Arantes do Nascimento the “best player ever” has scored a goal in a football World Cup.
That’s why we have a lot of surprises in the next few days and weeks (off the band announcements), so that the 15th version of the Nova Rock Festival from June 13th to 16th will be a special highlight for all of you. Besides the line up highlights like SLIPKNOT, SUM 41, THE CURE, SLAYER, DIE TOTEN HOSEN, BONEZ MC & RAF CAMORA, DIE ÄRZTE, SLASH, you’ll get some cool action in advance.
We’ll tell you more soon. So stay tuned – it’s worth it!

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