Nova Rock 2024

Day Stage Time
Do, 13. Juni

The Sisters of Mercy

For over four decades, The Sisters of Mercy (TSOM) have been an iconic force in underground music: defining, defying and denying numerous subgenres of rock and roll. Their unique blend of punk-psychedelia, metal, dance beats and guttural growls has mesmerized the masses for several generations. 

In November 2022, The Sisters of Mercy announced their first live appearance on American soil since the second Bush administration, with a headlining spot at the Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas. Their Midas touch continued with a concert announced for May 23rd at the Palladium in Los Angeles, selling out within 48 hours. Shortly after, a full US tour was unveiled, including a headline in Las Vegas following Sick New World and a second show in the City of Angels.

Formed in Leeds, 1980, The Sisters of Mercy, while named after a Leonard Cohen song, took inspiration from such luminaries as Bowie, Slade and The Velvet Underground. But their closest sonic bedfellows are The Stooges, Motörhead and Suicide, the influence of which imbued The Sisters with a distinct sound of their own when compared to others in the post-punk era.

                                                                                                                                          1987’s Floodland was a massive breakthrough for the band, featuring epic tracks such as “Dominion,” “Lucretia My Reflection,” and, of course, the 10+ minute opus “This Corrosion,” all three of which can still be heard on dance floors to date. 1990’s Vision Thing featured a harder, more metal-influenced sound, yet retained their trademark drum machine pummel and lyrical ambiguity.

The disingenuous nature of the music industry in the ‘90s left Andrew Eldritch with a distaste for the record business, shifting his focus to performing live in lieu of releasing recorded music. Yet, while The Sisters of Mercy have not released an LP since Vision Thing, their popularity and impact has only grown stronger over time, with their erudite rock and roll cacophony influencing countless bands over their tenure. 

Despite the lack of a new record, the band’s writing has been incredibly prolific in the last couple of years, having showcased a large number of well-received new songs during their 2022 live dates. The material has been said to reflect the strongest elements of the band’s 3 classic LPS, whilst maintaining a thoroughly contemporary sound, adhering vehemently to the Sisters’ ethos to move “ever forward”. 

Recent live reviews have championed the show as the band’s strongest in years, with Eldritch supported by the stellar performances of Ben Christo, Kai, ‘Ravey’ Dave Creffield and, as ever, Doktor Avalanche. Add to this a cinematic light show and a set list of huge hits, deep cuts and acclaimed new tunes and you’ve got the recipe for a killer night.

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