News from 18.03.2015

Green Camping @ Nova Rock Festival



People who apperciate Rock ’n‘ Roll in the stage area, but also like some quite and cleanliness while camping, can take advantage of our Green Camping Area. This area gives  our environmentally conscious guests the possibility to spend the night in a tidy and secluded area. The Green Camping Area mostly functions on itself. Every guest that values the things described above can apply for a place to camp in this area and will get a special entrance permit when checking in. In case a guest would severely break the rules of the Green Camping Area he or she will be banned and sent to the regular camping area.

NO TRASH: It seems that littering the closer and far surroundings of the campsite is the favourite pass time of some people. Of course we don’t like that type of behaviour, but it is nearly impossible to enforce cleanliness everywhere on the campsite. In the Green Camping Area all residues of your camping supplies are to be thrown into the containers which are present in high nubers.

QUIET: You can find out how loud you can scream in any other place, preferrably while cheering to your favourite bands. We also discourage using gear you might have with you at the stadium or loud music. We want to make it possible for people to relax their ears after a long day of loud music. This does not mean that there should be a graveyard like quiet here, but we encourage you to keep a volume that is acceptable for all your neighbours.

RESPECT: As explained in the previous paragraphs and as dictated by common sense we want this festival to be a nice and enjoyable experience for all of our guests. It’s always worth taking a look around and check how you can respect your neighbor, since you probably expect the same respect for yourself.



For Rock’n’Roll AND Nature! THANK YOU!


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